What is Melt and Pour Soap?

2016-02-23 11.00.56

Melt and Pour soap blocks stacked behind various bottles.

Melt and Pour soaps are created with pre-made soap block bases that can be cut up and melted down, over and over.  Once melted, a combination of colorants, fragrance or essential oils, and additives can be mixed with the base before pouring it into a mold to set.  After only a few hours, the soap is ready to use.  M&P soaps are great for producing different decorative techniques.  The main focus is on the aesthetics of soap making rather than making soap from scratch, and having total control over ingredients.  M&P soap is designed to be repeatedly melted, so it is considerably high in glycerin content.  Because of this, it is prone to sweating and does not last as long as cold process soaps do.  Prolong the life of your M&P soap by keeping it out of direct contact with water while not in use!

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A layered M&P soap in a mold.